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Bullet In An Angel - Autovein - Bullets And Bruises (CD+DVD) (CD, Album)


9 thoughts on “ Bullet In An Angel - Autovein - Bullets And Bruises (CD+DVD) (CD, Album)

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  3. Their debut album Bullets and Bruises was finally released in March "Save Me" was announced as the first single from the new album. In addition, "Bullet in an Angel" was featured on the Midwest Music Explosion Vol. 2 compilation CD. Autovein spent Spring touring in support of the new album opening for Smile Empty Soul and The Exies.
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  5. bullets and bruises is a very piss poor effort from the rock quartet autovein. pretty much every song sounds the same as the last. vocals are copped from the exies, guitar parts are uninteresting, and the music itself is repetitve and stale. pass on this one. One person found this helpful There's a problem loading this menu right now/5(11).
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